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Setting Up a Home Office for Remote Work

Our previous post ‘’Kids Room Organization’’ included tips on how you can manage your child’s space at home. What about your space, especially if you are working from home? Whether it is foreseeable or your way of making sure you are protected from COVID during these tricky times, you will need a productive and beneficial environment to get your work done effectively. These home office setup ideas we have for you will guide you towards a workspace which will make working a pinch more fun for you

Home work station

Surround your space with cherished pieces.

Just because you are creating a scene for a serious matter like work, you don’t have to give up on good looking, precious or even fun elements. Add things that will provide you with motivation and the urge to keep your space decluttered with no interruption. It can be blossoming flowers in a hand painted vase or a mini sculpture which you love to have next to you. Try to collect pieces that will be good on the eye and on your interest. A trendy mirror can be an eclectic addition to your office environment. It will be unique and will radiate an upbeat energy throughout the day.  

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Epse Modern Wall Mirror

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Don’t cut back on shelving.

For a certain space to be functional and free from chaos, it should have magical compartments that will allow you to tuck away whatever is unnecessary in that moment. While doing this, make sure to act orderly rather than huddling things here and there just to get rid of them. Implement some cubicles or shelves in your study space and fill them with precise neatness. You can consider organizing your papers in binders for an easy grab whenever needed. Categorize them by color or by names.


Home work station
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Stay away from soft furnishing.

We know how tempting snuggling in your pj’s on your bed or lounging on a bean bag while sorting out your emails can get. Scrub that thought and replace it with an office chair and an operative desk. Get ready like you would on a normal day going to the office. Take a shower, put on your casual outfit and even some make up, even though you know there is nobody out there watching. Doing this will persuade you and lift your dedication to an increased level. Surrounding yourself with comfy furnishing or a laid-back appearance will be a constant reminder that you are at home, away from social interaction and any sort of encouragement needed for fully productive work hours.

Dodge distractions.

Your work hours should be completely detached from your personal life and habits at home. Every person has his/her own way of being driven for work. Some may prefer a messy scene where everything needed is in sight, and some work better in tidy and organized settings. However, your brain is wired, one thing is common for all and that’s the need for an atmosphere fully free of distractions. Don’t be working next to piled laundry that awaits ironing or with a TV on the side wall or in a commonly used area at home where there is a lot of traffic or interaction between family members or exterior interruptions.


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