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How To Prepare Your Home for School?

Summer is long gone and the school season has begun. Now is the time to change daily routines. After heartwarming summer days spent with games and fun, a period of practice and speed has already started! You will have to rearrange many matters such as sleep, food, laundry and cleaning according to your child's schedule. With school preparation tips that will make your life easier, you can have a house where you can act more planned and with more productivity.  


colored pencils, school bag and other school-related objects


 Easily Accessible Items!

The first thing you need to do so that your children are not late for school and you are not late for work, is put the stuff you use every day within easy reach. For example, all the items your child uses when he wakes up and needs for morning care, such as a toothbrush, should be together. You can reserve a drawer, basket, or shelf in the bathroom for your child and put all the materials he needs in there. This way, he will not waste time getting ready for school. In addition, you can put a dirty basket for his dirty clothes in his room. You can ask him to bring in his dirty basket on the days you will do the laundry. 

 In the morning, you should not leave the house without having breakfast. While your child is getting ready for school, you can prepare breakfast in the kitchen. You can place your breakfast items in your cabinet's most easily accessible parts. You can quickly take the food products you put on the refrigerator door or the shelves at eye level and put them on the table. If your child loves to eat toast or drink juice in the morning, you can place the toaster and juicer on the kitchen counter.

 Put your coat rack to good use!


neatly hanged bag and clothes on a coat rack


The first place you will see in your home when you leave in the morning or arrive tired in the evening is your doorway. Using a coat rack in the hall makes your life a lot easier. With the weather getting colder, it's time to take thick clothes such as coats and jackets out of their hiding places and hang them on the hanger. Before you leave the house and after you get home, you can take off your coat and hang it on the coat rack in the hallway. In addition, you can put the school bag that your child prepared from the night in this area. Finally, you can use a decorative bowl to put your keys, wallet or charger that you take with you every day. This will allow them to look tidier and neater. Before you leave the house, don't forget to look at the coat rack mirror to check your clothes for the last time and set up your daily motivational sentences. Starting the day with a couple of energy-boosting penalties will make you ready and upbeat for the day.  

Let The School Term Begin in Your Children's Rooms! 

Books, notebooks, and pens began to replace toys played in summer with the school season. With the opening of schools, your child will spend more time in the study room. Children's rooms, full of toys during the holidays, should now be transformed into studying spaces for optimum motivation. First, you can put toys that may distract your child while working away into boxes and shelves. Next, you can create a separate area in the room for games; however, it would be good not to have toyed around while working. 

You can create space in your child's room by separating the materials from the past years and those you will not use this year. To increase your child's adaptation to school, you can hang his previous work on his wall. This way, he can follow his development. 

 Organize your child's wardrobe and sort out the clothes he no longer wears. Place the clothes he wears on his way to school in his wardrobe so that he can reach them easily without needing you. Another refreshing way to add a school theme to your child's room is by adding the right rug. A rug completes a room's overall aura.


Tuscumbia Kids Dark Blue Area Rug



Puiflijk Modern Sky Blue Area Rug


Prepare Your Home for Online Education! 

When preparing your home for school, consider the possibility of online education. It would help if you took some precautions to prevent the distraction of children who have to be educated at home due to the pandemic. First, make sure you have a good internet connection. Problems experienced on the internet during online education can reduce your child's interest in the lesson. You can use whiteboards to create a school atmosphere in your home. Let your child write not only on papers while studying but also on the board as he did at school. 

Kids love routines. They have a pattern that they do every day on their way to school. You can create training for your child at home during online education, like waking up, lessons, and game time. You can write your weekly schedule on the whiteboard. Then, your child can follow the program from there. 

Make the room more interesting by using a table lamp and colorful led lights. You can prevent him from getting bored by making changes in his room, where he will spend most of his day. You can start by determining the location of the furniture in the room, like the table, digital screen and whiteboard. Then, you can place other furniture according to the positioning of these items. 

Don't sweat preparing your home for school because essential and straightforward tips are all you need. We tried to line them here for you, and we assure you that it is super easy and not time-consuming. 

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