Traditional and modern decorative pillows on a gray couch.

How to Make Decorative Pillow Combinations: A Perfect Sizing Guide

A pillow may just be the most generous element for your home decor. It's affordable and can include delicate details, text, or patterns which makes decorating with throw pillows a flexible and rescuing mental activity and a way to create a cozy space. Switching pillow covers is also easier than baking cake so if you have doubts about your home decor, swapping up pillow covers or even supplementing additional pillows will surely help you out, just as it helped many. This lifts the burden of regret. With this flexibility you gain, pillows allow you to adjust your home's feeling according to the current season and trend. Fixture items like sofas and tables have a significant life span whereas decorative pillows can be changed or swapped rather often. This means that you don't need to be that anxious while changing your pillow covers. Feel free and let loose your wild side!

Why is Pillow Decoration Important?

Pillow decor can elevate your home decor easily and delicately. Combining and sizing your pillows suitably with your main home decor style has great importance. Pillow decoration is different also because of how easy it is to combine them with your general room decor and the fact that you don't need to match them with each other. On the contrary, it’s even better if they don't match! Contrasting colors or patterns end in stunning results and in-home decoration this way of decorating is highly appreciated recently. It's possible to create magnificent blooming visuals with the help of mushy pillows.

If you choose neutral or simple white sofas, almost every design you pick for your pillows will look good and there will be plenty of space for creativity. You should go for designs that mean something to you. For example, delicate flowers if you’re a romantic person, goofy patterns if you like to have fun with your environment, and bright colors if it makes you joyous. Throw in everything, there are no rules when it comes to pillows, are there?

A modern living room decor with a white sofa, throw blankets and decorative pillows.

Combining Pillows is Like Life’s Three Pillars: Color, Texture, and Size

Step 1: Life is like a rainbow, with tons of color

There are many ways to add color to your decor, to me decorating with pillows is the simplest. While an art piece hanging on your wall might do the job of adding color to your room, you can't use 5 of them at the same time. But pillow covers are affordable and include a variety of colors hence making them crucial for fulfilling and inexpensive home decor.

To start with, you must pick a "color story" to follow. This is generally done by choosing three different colors from other elements in your room. This might be the walls, the rug, or your curtains, it's all up to you. If you also insist on choosing your pillows in various patterns, make sure to at least match the colors between them so it stays connected.

If you're clueless about mixing colors, here are some classic color combinations; 

  • Dark blue deep red + pink
  • Deep red + orange + deep green
  • Magenta + violet mustard yellow
  • Dark green gold + magenta
  • Sage green + peacock blue + gold
Colorful decorative pillows on the neutral sofa in a living room.

Step 2: Feeling the texture

  • Always keep in mind that when picking patterns for your throw pillows, balance is the key to success. If you exaggerate your patterns, no matter how cohesive your colors are it will give an unpleasant look.
  • We can talk about two types of patterns if our business is pillows. The first one is thinking about geometry. Geometric patterns are made of stripes, plaids, or anything else that includes shapes. You can think of any shape that we studied back in elementary school.
  • The other types of pillows are ones with a texture of organic patterns which might include visuals such as flowers, icons, or abstract art. These are more unique to their nature since there aren't really any limitations on what art or shape pillow covers can have.
  • It's normal to struggle with pattern selection. Try picking a pattern that you genuinely feel is nice, and then add one more that won't shadow your primary pattern. Let me give you a quick trick formula; select one stripe pattern, one organic texture, and finally a solid-colored pillow.

Step 3: Choosing the right throw pillow size when matching

After years of decorative experience, I have learned that creating a successful throw pillow design like an artist starts with choosing the right sizes. 

Let me explain, the classic rule of thumb is to start with the largest-sized pillows in the back of a sofa and create a triangle with fewer and smaller pillows. Typically, 2" size increments work best for hinging down pillows.

Throw pillow sizing on a chair:  

  • Single lumbar 

  • Single 20-22 inch 

Sizing on a sofa, nook, or bench:  

  • 22-24 inch pillow at the back, layer a smaller pillow 20-22 inches in the front 
  • 24-22 inch pillow at the back (in the corner), layer in a lumbar

Sizing on a sectional:   

  • 22-24 inches and 20-22 inches on the sides 
  • 22-24 inches, 20-22 inches, and a lumbar in the corner.

Sizing on a twin bed:  

  • One single lumbar 
  • 22 inches in the back, 1 lumbar in front

Sizing on a king or queen bed:  

    • 24″-26″ pillows + Extra long lumbar 
    • Large lumbar or headboard pillow 
    • 2 x 24″-26″ and a 20″-22″ pillow and a lumbar

Bedroom throw pillows on a bed.

Additional Tips for Decorating Throw Pillows:

1.Odd numbers of pillows give a modern look

While creating modern decor, odd numbers like 3 or 5 look eccentric. To give this modernistic vibe, add in fewer large pillows than jumbling a dozen of small ones.

2. Even numbers of pillows are somewhat “traditional”

Even numbers of pillows tend to feel a bit more traditional compared to odd numbers. This might be 2 pillows or 4 and even as many as 6 pillows. This really depends on the decor of your home.

Follow on with your mood! Home decor is all about what you love and desire. Don’t dabble too deep into the funky details while picking throw pillows, this is the case for any other decoration entity. Always try to follow your feelings and your natural-born art gaze!

Three decorative pillows on a bed with mustard colors.
Decorative throw pillows with traditional patterns.
Neutral decorative pillows.
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