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How do you decorate a studio apartment?

Decoration Ideas for Popular Living Spaces of the Age – Studio Apartments

There is a mistake that those attracted to the modern and independent style of studio apartments often make; they turn comfort areas into troubles with the wrong decoration. The first thing to note is that everything must be functional. Yes, it's an unwritten rule. Studio apartments are preferred by many people, from students to business people, who live in a city for a short time or live in more than one city, and those who want to capture the vitality of life. Although this definition sometimes refers to loft apartments, we are talking about small square meters. How about a few practical suggestions to make good use of the little space you have?  


an overview of a small apartment in light decoration


Will That Kitchen Always Be Messy?  

Remember, no kitchen is ever big enough. It's not a good idea to buy that mug set or just the salad bowl you like. You can't believe how necessary the kitchen cabinets, which you think are unnecessary, actually save the day in an open kitchen studio apartment. By adding hanging cabinets suitable for your style, you can make your kitchen more functional and eliminate the clutter problem.  

Think Again When Coloring Your Walls  

You should think again before you make the wall behind the TV a dark color! In small square meters and in a studio apartment, you can make your space look wider with your walls in light and soft colors, and you can change your decoration style whenever you want.  

Choose Multifunctional Items  

Try to choose a stylish single piece that can be your coffee table and pouf at the same time. It is an unwritten rule that the sofa you buy for your studio apartment should either be converted into a bed or have a base.  


Semriach Khaki Furniture Piece

Semriach Khaki Furniture Piece


Mirrors Will Be Indispensable  

Decorative mirrors, which are also used to expand the living space, become indispensable objects in studio apartments. In addition to the feeling of depth it gives and being a practical alternative for transitions, the fact that multiple mirror models are suitable for every style makes it attractive.  


Netterden Modern Wall Mirror


Use Baskets or Decorative Boxes  

Instead of a pouf next to the sofa or at the foot of your bed, a basket or a special box that will collect your belongings will bring order to your cute apartment. You can use it for any item you want, from seasonal clothes to games, books, DVDs.  

tidy and large boxes for storage and order


Don't Be Prejudiced  

Do not hesitate to try new things in decoration. For example, you can create heights in the area and, therefore new partitions. For instance, you can make use of the place where your bed or sitting group is located to a higher level by using all the space under it for storage. 

Be Ungenerous in Using Curtains and Windows  

Do not cover all your windows with curtains because of the light color. You can place your desk or coffee table between two windows instead of chunky curtains wherever possible. As with the use of mirrors, your space will suddenly become prominent and spacious.  

Separate Areas from Each Other  

Using your chair as the border of the transition area from the living room to the kitchen and using your desk as the door separating the living room from your bedroom will make your life easier. It will also protect you from the wrong idea of putting unnecessary items or a cluttered look in your living space. The library might also be a good idea to divide the house into two separate areas. Simple touches like these will give your home a versatile character instead of a single room feeling.  

Use Your Ceiling for Lighting  

To prevent your lighting from taking up too much space, opt for ceiling lightings. Modern and stylish lighting hanging from above will add character to your home while saving up space and that chaotic display.  

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