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How Do I Know What Size Rug To Get?

In this article, we would like to answer your question of how I know what size rug to get for your room or other living areas.

Choosing the right rug size and shape for indoor and outdoor living spaces is an underrated issue.

However, choosing the right size for a living room rug is critical for your entire home decoration to come to the fore and for your rooms to look spacious and big. If you do not choose both the size and shape of your rug, in this case, you will be not only able to achieve the look that should be in your living space, but also an inappropriate piece of furniture will form in your room, and you will not even realize what caused this inconsistency. But you can easily sense that something is wrong.

Moreover, this wrong decision prevents you from using a valuable and comfortable rug. This article will give you general but beneficial advice on choosing the rug’s size and shape. Fear not; these will not be very technical and boring advice for selecting the right area rug.

Thanks to these recommendations, you can find answers to many of your questions.

Do round rugs provide the most accessible and practical use in the kitchen, or should you prefer a rectangular rug to avoid messy kitchen decoration?

What should be the ideal shape and size for living room rugs?

What if, considering the importance of highlighting aesthetics and creating a feeling of spaciousness in your living room, how will you decide on the right rug size and shape? Should it be an oversized rug?

What Should You Consider When Choosing Rug Size?

You need to choose the right rug size considering your living room shape, your general living room furniture, your dining room and table, all the furniture, and overall interior design. 

However, for the right rug size, we recommend that you do not think that the list is long, that this job will be a tiring, time-consuming process for you, and you will drown in details.

Once you apply these tips for your rug sizing for all your indoor and outdoor living spaces, you can do rug sizing blindly when you buy new rugs.

Once these rug sizes have been chosen correctly, the rug shapes will be automatically and easily identified, and all you have to do is select the rug that suits your taste and general home decor style - colors.

To start with your living room, we can generally say that your seating arrangement and grouping will determine the dimensions of your area rug and give your living room a cohesive look.

If your seating grouping creates a square area in the middle, then it will be the right rug as long as it has the exact size of this square. However, your rug of this same size should extend under just the front legs of your furniture, consisting of sofas and armchairs.

A rug that extends to the back legs of your seating pieces can prevent your room from looking spacious. Square rugs will be a good choice for your living room. However, you should not forget that no matter the size and shape of your rug, it will be the focal point of your living space.

If the area created by your seating pieces is rectangular, you can choose rectangular rugs, considering the issues mentioned above.

Now, naturally, your bed, which is the focal point of this room, will be influential in determining the right rug size for your bedroom. The rug that will dramatically alter your bedroom needs to extend a few inches under the foot of the bed.

This rug size is not only necessary for stylish and balanced bedroom decoration. In addition, when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, you should also feel the softness and warmth of a rug under your feet. This is the most incredible comfort and luxury a bedroom rug can give you.

When we compare it with most rooms at home, entryway rugs seem less critical. But on the other hand, while determining the rug sizes of our living spaces, we should also choose the perfect rug for the entryway.

Rug placement in these areas of your home is just as crucial as placing a room rug in any other area. Because entryways are usually narrow or small, these areas do not have much decoration. So, the most important piece you have for decoration is the rug and its placement in your entryway.

Covering the bare floor of your entryway completely with a rug is a straightforward option for calculating rug size. However, if you want to achieve the decoration, you wish for, style, and a fresh look, this easy option will also be the wrong option. It is necessary to leave at least a few inches between the edges of your rug and the walls to have a cohesive and spacious look.

Because as soon as you enter your house, you first find yourself in the entryway, and this area should make you feel the comfort of being at home.

We usually do not prefer to use rugs for decoration in the kitchen. The reason is that the kitchens are the most polluted areas of the house, the areas most exposed to stains and dirt.

However, this kitchen decoration without a rug causes a hard look, and none of us want a stern look in any area of ​​our homes. So the coldness here is the appearance of indifference and the absolute apathy caused by the kitchen floor, which is generally tiled.

From these two perspectives, it would be a good idea to choose a rug made of rug material that is suitable for kitchen use, that is, easy to clean and does not stain, to capture the warm home ambiance and contribute to the heating of the kitchen.

You can use multiple rugs of different sizes in the kitchen. For example, you can choose a mat for the sink front, a runner to match the island size, and a rug size for the dining area to cover the underside of the dining table.

For the kitchen, the rug material comes to the fore and becomes decisive. The rug used in this living space should be easy to clean, have stain and dirt-proof features, and be stylish. Likewise, dining rooms are modern and aesthetic spaces.

Once you have decided on the material and style of this rug, you can determine the appropriate rug size for your dining room. In this room, your rug placement should be right under your dining table. So, as you can see, the rug should be the size of your dining table or a few inches larger than the size of the dining table.

If it is an expanding table, then you can choose this rug size according to the expanded state of the table. In this case, while your table is not expanded, you should place it in the middle of the rug.

Of course, as the last criterion, your dining table will determine the shape of your rug. If it is rectangular, you should go to a rectangular rug shopping.

In addition to the tips for choosing the suitable rug size for the main living spaces we mentioned above, we also would like to note the following.

  • Always consider the furniture in the room when choosing rugs. The size of your furniture means the size of your rug.

  • Measure the size of the area you want to pave with a rug. When calculating this, be careful not to completely cover your floor with the rug. Because your flooring is also a part of your decoration style, you always want to see it. Therefore, rugs with 12 to 18 inches of space around the edges would be ideal.

  • As in the dining room, the shape of the rugs you will use should be compatible with the form of your furniture in those rooms.

What Are The Standards For Rug Size?

You choose a suitable rug size according to your home decoration style. The rug is the focal point of a room. It can integrate the room or divide it into separate areas. Making your room look wider is the primary purpose of using a rug. Therefore, your choice of rug shape and size will reflect your style.

Let's take a look at the standard rug sizes:

5X8 and 6X9 sizes

Today, 5x8 and 6x9 rugs are getting more attention than ever before. The most important reason is that modern people live more minimally and emphasize downsizing. So, the new trend is minimalism.

A distinctive feature of rugs of this size is that they can create different, i.e., separate, areas in the same place. They can be excellent choices for countless decoration options.

The downsizing of our living spaces is another reason why rugs of this size are preferred. However, You cannot say they are suitable for the classical dining room placement.

8x10, 9x12, and Larger Sizes

The usage patterns of rugs in these sizes are similar, so it would be correct to bring them together under a single title.

When we look at the regular use of these sizes, we see that they completely cover the under of the entire seating or furniture placement. It is because they separate the furniture on it from the other area of the room.

4x6 and Smaller Sizes

These 4x6 and smaller rugs are ideal for accentuating a particular area and creating memorable and unique spaces in your home.

Round Rug Sizes

The rugs that highlight the shape of the round tables are round rugs. They are ideal for adding a lively ambiance to a room or entryway. Choose sizes.


Runner rugs have particular and precise usage areas; they are either preferred for very narrow spaces or in hallways.

2x10 - They show you the way most stylishly and colorfully.

2x6 - Two 2x6s that you will use on both sides of your bed will warm your feet when you get out.

2x8 - If you're looking for a sleeker look of minimalism on your hallways, then a 2x8 rug will be waiting for you in stores.

3x10 - It is ideal if you want to cover a larger part of the floor with a rug.

How to Calculate Rug Size?

The answer to the question of how to calculate rug size is not as complicated as you think. To calculate the area measure of the rug you want to buy for your living room, entryway, bedroom, or kitchen, you can get it by multiplying the width and length you determined in the light of the tips we mentioned above.

This calculation method applies to square and rectangular rugs. However, if you prefer to buy a round rug, simply measure the diameter of the area where you will be using the rug. After all, rugs are generally sold with their width and length measurements.

Consider Room Size and Shape

The first thing to ensure you choose the right area rug is size and shape. The second is your furniture. You have two choices if you need to buy a rug for your living room. The first is to choose a rug that extends under the front legs, or the second is to buy a rug that goes under the furniture legs at the back. Both can be suitable for your living room.

At this point, you only need to decide in terms of style.

Using a smaller rug in large living areas will cover the floor less than it should be, which in the simplest terms, will make it challenging to provide a warm atmosphere in your room. Therefore, if you want the atmosphere of your rug to warm you, you should choose large rugs in your large living spaces. You can use a small rug or multiple small rugs in a small room or kitchen.

Area rugs have more size and shape types than carpets. For example, there are more varieties of round rugs than round carpets.

Choose the Right Rug for Your Room

When you visit Mark&Day's online store, you can find the perfect rug you need in just the right size. Because, Mark&Day offers many options in terms of style, color, material, size, and shape that will make its customers happy to shop at Mark&Day.

Once you have calculated the right rug size for your room, you will have added the necessary finishing touch to make your room look good.

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