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How About Discovering the Rustic Style?

Rustic is a word of French origin. It stands out with its natural and comfortable nature. Accessories that show respect for nature are used in rustic style. You can combine the past and the modern in this decoration theme. First, however, you need to pay attention to some details. How about discovering the rustic style?  

Modern and rustic kitchen

Unprocessed Wood and Natural Materials  

The most essential elements that stand out in the rustic style are untreated wood and natural materials. It is not perfection that matters in rustic style; The important thing is naturalness and sincerity. For this reason, you can evaluate every material found in nature in a rustic style inspired by nature. Rustic-style tables and chairs are made from untreated woods with a rough texture. You can get a stylish look with wicker baskets or plants that you will put on rustic-style tables.  

On the other hand, you will not see a bright rustic-style table. Synthetic and plastic fabrics are not used. Natural stones and wood are frequently used. Rustic style is generally preferred in houses with stone walls, high ceilings and fireplaces. Decorative ceramic vases, marble-surfaced coffee tables or decorative marble objects are used in rustic style. Patterned ceramics are ideal for rustic-style bathrooms. The material used in the decoration is more important than the rustic-style design. Therefore, the form of decoration materials is simple. You can even use logs as a decorative material.  

Handmade Decorative Products in Rustic Style  

Rustic style handmade decorative products are frequently used in home interior. You can get an authentic look by putting the towels in your bathroom in a handmade wicker basket or complete your decoration by placing a hand-woven upholstered bench, pelt or hand-woven pouf in your living room. Unique handmade wall hangers and leather decorative pillows will enliven your rustic decoration. Natural and harmonious handmade decorative products with characteristic features will strengthen your rustic style decoration. For example, you can use small round pieces of wood as coasters and candle holders.  


Zwischenwasser Teal Wall Hanging

Zwischenwasser Teal Wall Hanging

Prilly Cream Pillow Cover

Prilly Cream Pillow Cover


Choosing Furniture in Rustic Style  

If you are decorating in a rustic style, you should prefer wooden furniture. Make sure that the upholstery of your furniture is not colored. You can choose monochrome and natural textured upholstery fabrics for your furniture. Heavy furniture with thick legs is used in rustic style, where the harmony of neutral colors found in nature such as white, beige, black, gray and brown is achieved. You can often come across white stone walls and wooden floors in the modern rustic style. You can have stone-like wall coverings for your home. Instead of carpet, a rustic-style rug or pelt will look more elegant.  

You can create a minimal rustic style with wooden countertops and white cabinets in the kitchen. You can choose light-colored, simple, stylish furniture for a spacious bedroom. Catch a rustic style in your bedroom with bedding sets and decorative pillows made of natural fabrics. 

Fireplace Decoration in Rustic Style  

When it comes to rustic style, one of the first things that come to mind is the fireplace. If you have a fireplace, it will be much easier to decorate in a rustic theme. To capture the atmosphere of country and mountain houses in your home, you can have a stone frame made around your fireplace. When you are not using the fireplace, put wood in it and place decorative led lights between the woods. When you turn on the led lights, it will create an effect as if the fireplace is on. You can have wood veneer or stone-like panels made around electric fireplaces.  

Modern and rustic fireplace with minimal decorative objects and accessories

To finalize, rustic decoration’s focal point is that it carries a natural vibe and is shaped with mind easing colors or tones. In addition to this, reflective, handmade elements are the rustic theme’s favorite things; therefore, if you need a rustic look, include these details in your home.

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