A small living room with a neutral decor and a beige area rug

Guide To Making Small Rooms and Small Apartments Feel Bigger With Rugs

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” William Morris

Who says you need to knock down walls or move to a larger home to create more space? With the right rugs and design tricks, you can make even the tiniest of rooms feel like a grand ballroom.


9 Tips For Choosing Rugs for Small Spaces

Organizing your living space is an important part of everyday life. You can use many tricks to keep your space organized. One of the most underrated is using rugs. Rugs in small rooms and apartments can make them feel bigger by leading the eye down and away from the walls. Rugs come in various designs and shapes, which can add character to the room. You can pick the right design for your room, depending on the size and what you want to see as a focal point. You can create a nice space using the design of the rug and complementing features. 

Decorative rugs make an attractive focal point in a room and allow you to add some personality to your living space. Each room has its nature, so the type and design of the rug can make a big difference. 

1. Create an Illusion Using Stripes and Lines

Modern small apartment decor with black and white area rugs.
                                ​​Honiton Bohemian/Global Cream Area Rug

Stripes are a fun way to bring a little color to any space. You can use a striped rug in your bedroom or living room to add a pop of color. The perfect rug for any room compliments your decor, being neutral but with a pop of color. Stripes can be used in many ways, but ensure consistency in the number of stripes and their colors. Keep the colors in one tone instead of having colors that fade as they get wider. This makes the stripes more noticeable and creates an illusion of space by drawing your eye away from the walls. Striped rugs are perfect area rugs for small rooms.

2. Use Cool-Toned Rugs to Open up Your Space

A small room with reading corner and cool toned area rug.
                                       ​​Vaucluse Transitional Denim Area Rug

Consider your decor and style when picking a rug for your small apartment layout. You can use any rug as long as it complements the furniture. For example, if you have a small apartment dining table, you wouldn't want to put a fluffy rug on top of it. A cool-toned rug would match the design of your room and create cool tones throughout the room. But if you have white furniture, then get a black rug. You can even use this in your bedroom to compliment the color of your sheets and pillows. Cool colors are ideal for area rugs for small spaces.

3. Layer Rugs to Bring Colors Together

A Hide Leather and Fur Black Area Rug on a solid beige rug in a modern living room.
                             ​​Crowland Hide Leather and Fur Black Area Rug

Earthy colors and jute rugs can be great because they allow you to mix and match any rug with your living space. They create a blank slate so you can add any style you want. Adding a rug that combines those colors can also bring in more color. Choose a color that blends with your small apartment furniture. Rugs can help you achieve your small apartment ideas

4. Use Rugs With Unique Patterns

Small living room with a modern area rug.
                                   ​​Ransdorp Modern Charcoal Area Rug

Any room with a fun and unique pattern can use a fun rug with the same pattern. Unique patterns are great because they draw attention to a specific area in the room. A bold patterned rug is a perfect rug for a small room full of furniture. A fun design can make a small space seem larger. Using unique patterns can also bring out the best of the different colors in a room so that they stand out more. Choose a rug that brings out your small apartment living room ideas.

5. Use Rugs as Decorative Focal Points

Modern, bright living room decor with a rug, a table light, decorative pillows.
                                           ​​Dorshout Traditional Navy Area Rug

Using rugs as decorative focal points, you can make your small room or apartment feel bigger. You can place this anywhere; it doesn't have to be in a corner or on your coffee table. Get creative with your space and make it look like you live in an apartment twice as big. This is a great way to use your rug to add personality to your room. You can pick a design for the space and incorporate it into the area you want to highlight, like a niche or computer desk. You can even go all out and put a chair in the center of the room and have a rug with an attractive design on top of it.

6. Use a Monochromatic Rug

A home office decor with a monochrome rug.
                                         ​​Vlijmen Traditional Cream Area Rug

Choosing a solid color that is easy on the eyes is a great way to bring a lot of space into a small room or apartment. Monochromatic rugs can be found in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. Instead of going with an eye-catching pattern that may disrupt the room's look, you can use a neutral rug that makes a statement. Simple solid colors or one color from each rug will add the most character to your space.

7. Choose a Rug That Does Not Overwhelm Your Small Room

Modern and small apartment decor.
                                      ​​Turin Transitional Denim Area Rug

8. Open up Your Space Using a Light Colored Rug

Small apartment living room decor.
                                         ​​Doornhoek Modern Aqua Area Rug

Instead of choosing an overly dark-colored rug that is tough to match with your furniture, you can use a light-colored rug. Dark rugs can overpower light-colored furniture or create the wrong impression. Choosing a lighter color will lighten up the space and make it feel like a home. A good idea is to match your rug with your wallpaper so that it brings out your furniture's best features. For example, if you have a brown couch, you can use a charcoal-colored rug to bring out the natural beauty of the sofa. You can also choose an accent rug in an area where you want to draw more attention. You can choose a light color that will complement your furniture. A soft-colored rug can help you bring in more color and make your space look open and airy. Light colors are ideal for your area rug in small living rooms.

9. Go for a Rug With a Modern Style

A modern living room with mid century modern furniture and striped modern area rug.
                                           ​​Stevert Modern Cream Area Rug

Rugs can give a room a very different look and feel. A modern-looking rug will make a small room appear more spacious and luxurious. You can choose from various designs and colors to match your decor. Choose rugs that have simple designs or one primary color. You should also select rugs with some texture because they are easier on the eyes and more appealing.

In Summary

Small living spaces can feel cramped and unwelcoming, but adding a rug can create a visual anchor that makes the room feel larger and more inviting - don't wait to transform your space, shop our selection of area rugs today and create the illusion of more space! You could choose from many colors, styles, designs, and themes. It's essential to ensure that you stay moderate with your rug selection by considering how it would look in a small room or apartment. You also need to take into consideration any furniture or other decorations that will be in the space.

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