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Feel the Summer Vibe with Mirrors Shaped Like the Sun

Mirrors have evolved into more than merely functional pieces. With their ability to reflect light, maximize the depth or height of a room, yet still be functional, they set cool vibes overall. 

Every room in your house can take a mirror. Mirrors in living rooms, bathrooms, and workout rooms all serve different purposes. It's not a good idea to settle for a plain mirror as a focal piece, because that will thin out the decorative element and you want mirrors that you’ll want to stare at from any angle. There is no such thing as going too extra when choosing mirror framings, so go for it!  

You may have a bay house somewhere that has over 50 Fahrenheit all year round, or you may be living in a city that has gloomy weather for most of the year. One thing is for sure, your indoors should reflect your favorite season and be showcased in personally chosen pieces.  

It should be no luxury to recall the sweetest memories of the sunset over the exotic sea in its pastel colors. With soft-yellow light bulbs in nice rattan lampshades, this setting combined with sun mirrors will evoke the feeling of the sun, warming your soul even in the coldest season. 

Sun mirrors as gallery wall accent pieces. 

When adding mirrors as the focal point to a gallery wall (tip: you will take the best mirror selfies there), pair them with tall plants and a rocker chair, ta-da: your comfy corner where you can read your book all cozied up or listen to your favorite summer songs. There is the option of using a large sun mirror or several small ones arranged around other elements on the gallery wall. 

Eldik Modern Wall Mirror 

Eldik Modern Wall Mirror  

Prices starts from $ 213.10 

Round is the most versatile shape 

Round is the shape to incorporate into any space. Your indoors might be minimalistic or eclectic, we are 100% sure round is a guaranteed choice. It's no wonder that you have been eyeing every round mirror you saw but probably ended up purchasing a rectangular one in the past. Round in nature is the shape of the sun, the moon, fruits, shells, flowers, and many others. That’s why it makes us feel so safe and so familiar.  


Epe Modern Wall Mirror

Epe Modern Wall Mirror  

Prices starts from $ 172.26 

Golden Rustic

The sunburst mirror became popular in the early ‘70s and has not gone out of style. It still symbolizes the rustic, light feeling of the era while still being a contemporary hot piece as modern designers like to combine the new with the old. As most summer towns are situated in the countryside, we suggest not pairing these mirrors with city-style, exclusive surroundings. The best style for them is cheery, nutty, and sunny! 

Modern and shiny sun shaped gold mirror on the wall

On final note… 

If you don’t want mirrors taking too much attention, use them as functional pieces, place them where you need them the most on your way out, perhaps in your dressing room or hallway. 

Adding mirrors feels like adding windows to your rooms as it naturally absorbs the light and bounces it back with a reflection. A sun mirror especially has a feeling of well-being and spaciousness and is a great addition to living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, lobbies, dining rooms, and anywhere else within or outside the home like the patio or the greenhouse. 

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