Enter the New Year with a New Rug

Enter the New Year with a New Rug!

 New year comes with its effects that support the energy of renewal. Considering that we have spent more time indoors in the last two years, we need to renew our living spaces more than ever as 2022 approaches.

Aaden Traditional Navy Area Rug

Aaden Traditional Navy Area Rug 

When we wake up in the morning, when we work during the day, or when we come home in the evening, staying healthy by keeping our positive energy at every moment of the day has become a priority. Evaluate the advantages of new rugs in the new year to make your spaces enjoyable, appealing to your aesthetic tastes and meet your needs. If you want to spend 2022 in a renewed and high-energy space, you can create striking effects by simply replacing your carpets and rugs with new ones. Don't make up your mind before you look at the mats that Mark and Day offers with discounts of up to 70%. But first, let's talk about how you can renew your spaces with new rugs in 2022.  

Follow Rug Trends!  

Traditional rugs are at the top of the 2022 trend list when it comes to rugs. Moreover, you do not need to buy these rugs from antique shops by paying high prices. If you want to bring the exotic and mystical atmosphere of the East to your spaces, you can have machine-washable traditional rugs at affordable prices. If you like antique items and care that the rug you choose is compatible with the decoration of your space, you can select traditional rugs with old patterns. On the other hand, if you like the simple appeal, rugs in neutral tones are for you. You can achieve a simple and elegant look by using rugs in neutral tones such as beige to create a timeless and soft atmosphere that you can use for a long time. For those who like to be more assertive and flashier, animal-printed rugs have taken their place among the trends of 2022. Be prepared to see zebra-patterned rugs everywhere. Geometric patterns, which have become an integral part of modern decoration, will continue to remind us of the space age. You can include modern rugs with aerodynamic, diamond and herringbone patterns in your spaces.  

Prepare a Warm Winter Garden  

If you want a renewed space in the new year, you can start by making your winter garden warm. You can turn your garden and balcony, which you use to get air in the summer, into a winter garden and an area you can use for 12 months. You will enjoy a lot while having your meals and drinking coffee with your friends in your winter garden, closed with sliding glass doors and windows. Rugs will be beneficial so that the cold of winter does not interfere with your sincere conversations with your loved ones. You can use shaggy rugs, which are more preferred, especially in winter, to create a warm and friendly atmosphere in your winter garden. You can use rugs of different colors and patterns by stacking them on top of each other to make a winter garden with armchairs, tables and chairs surrounded by striking green plants. For example, you can lay a richly patterned shaggy rug over a tightly woven monochrome rug.  

Barnes Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug

Barnes Indoor / Outdoor Teal Area Rug 

Cozy green plants in a winter garden

Renew Your Bathroom Rugs for the New Year  

 Bathrooms and toilets are areas where innovation will be noticed immediately. You can create a different feeling of home by changing the rugs in the bathrooms where there are not too many items. Depending on the shape of your bathroom, you can choose from small rugs in round, square or rectangular form. Ensure that the rug you select is compatible with the tiles or ceramics used in your bathroom. You can place non-slip rug pads under machine-washable rugs for ease of use. Since bathrooms and toilets are areas where water is used a lot, you can choose bathroom rugs with fish and sea patterns. If you want to achieve a dynamic look in your bathroom, choose vibrant colors such as red or orange. You can replace the mats you use in many parts of your home with new rugs.

Divide the Space with New Rugs  

If your usage habits have changed or you want to change the place, you can divide it with new rugs and make it more functional. For example, you can buy new rugs to separate the living area from the dining area in the same room. You can apply the same method in your bedroom. If you want to create a reading area in your bedroom, you can do this with a rug. To increase the functionality of your room and increase the comfort to the next level, you can choose rugs that make your decoration shine.  

Rugs full of life for Pale Spaces  

Cairo Modern Magenta Area Rug 
Cairo Modern Magenta Area Rug

If pale colors are used in the spaces where you spend most of your day, there is a solution. Instead of repainting the space, you can overcome the problem by using rugs with vibrant colors. With a rug with vibrant colors to welcome the new year in a renewed atmosphere. The blankets, throws and decorative pillows you cover on the seats will be sufficient  

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