Ways to Make Your Small Home Appear Larger

8 Ways to Make Your Small Home Appear Larger

Decorating can be hard when you have a small home. You have all these plans and ideas, but it’s hard to execute them when your space is limited. However, this does not mean that you can’t have a home that you absolutely love. Make sure that your space is decorated and organized to its fullest potential. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make your home appear larger even if it’s on the smaller side.  

Use A Lot of Vertical Storage  

wall shelves with books and knick knacks
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 It is super crucial, especially if your home has limited floor space, to make use of every type of storage available to you. One great option is vertical storage. If there isn’t much space, you can’t keep adding furniture here and there. You can add wall shelves or a bookcase that is mounted on the wall. You can even make use of fold-up furniture. A great example of this type of furniture is fold up work desks. This is great for small homes like apartments or dorm rooms. A wall-mounted desk is great for any student or professional living in a smaller space. Pull up a chair and you are good to go! When it folds up, it looks like a cabinet, so it is not an eyesore either. It is functional but it can be stored and tucked away so that it doesn’t take up any floorspace. Peg boards are also a great form of vertical storage. Consider hanging cleaning supplies, craft tools, kitchen essentials, and more. Of course, we have the wall shelves. Wall shelves give you space for additional decor and storage without taking up any square footage. 

If you have absolutely nothing on your walls, all the eye focuses on is anything towards the bottom of the space. Once you use that vertical wall space, it makes your eye draw up the wall and it gives the illusion that the space is a little bit taller than it actually is. Vertical storage simply makes a room feel larger and just a little bit more open. 

Choose Furniture that Serve Multiple Purposes 

grey couch and a wooden chest
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 Not everybody has space for a coffee table, an ottoman, and a storage basket in their living room area. So, why not combine all in one together? You can get a storage bench, for example. It can be used for storage, extra seating, and as a coffee table if you place a tray on top. A ladder desk is also a great piece that serves more than one purpose. It is a desk and shelf space all in one. It takes up very little space and serves multiple purposes. Look for pieces that can be more than one thing to make the most out of your limited floor area.  

Make Use of Mirrors  

entryway with big round mirror and wooden bench
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 A mirror is great for a small space because, first of all, it makes it appear larger. When you are able to see the reflection of the room, it just extends the room and makes it look a little bit bigger. A second great thing about a mirror is that it reflects light. A lot of small spaces don’t really have that many natural light sources. Traditionally, there are only one or two windows in that space so having a mirror significantly helps. It bounces the light back making the space appear a little bit airier and brighter, which in the end results in a larger looking space. Last, but not least, mirrors are functional. We all look at ourselves in the mirror every single day to get dressed and ready so you’re going to need a mirror somewhere in your home anyway.  

Add Linear Prints to Your Design  

bed with white sheets and grey striped pillows
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Although your home doesn’t have to be covered in stripes and other forms of linear prints, it’s good to utilize them in strategic places. When you are shopping for your curtains, for example, try to find one with a vertical print. It will help heighten your walls and your room in general. When shopping for bedding, horizontal prints can help make the bed appear wider. The great thing about stripes is that they really help give the illusion that something is taller or wider than they appear depending on the orientation. Another way to apply this tip is to install board and batten to your walls to draw the eye up. It is more subtle and also gives a touch of sophistication.  

Make Sure Your Curtains Are Right  

leather chairs with white area rug
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Get the longest curtains you can and hang them as high as you can. This can totally impact the look of your space. If your curtains are short, it will make your space look short. Do not mount your curtain rod right above your windowsill. Instead, hang your curtains almost touching the ceiling. Also, don’t get curtains that cut off right at the bottom of your window. Tailor your curtains so that they perfectly reach your floor. Invest in your curtains because they can truly make or break a space.  

Use Rugs to Define Your Space 

 grey chairs and grey area rug
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Using rugs to add a little bit of separation to your space makes it appear a little bit larger. For example, if you have an open concept home where your dining room, living room, and kitchen are all together and connected, add a rug under your dining table and another one in your living room area. It makes it clear where the living room area ends and where the dining room area starts. The sense of separation that the rugs give makes the space feel larger overall. In your bedroom, a rug can help ground your bed and give additional color and texture to the room. 

Go for Lighting That You Can Hang or Mount  

 bed with grey sheets and sconces hanging above
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Table lamps and floor lamps can be beautiful additions to a space, but they can consume a lot of precious floor and surface real estate. So, opt for lighting that you can mount on the wall or hang from a ceiling. Sconces, for example, don’t only have the functionality of giving additional lighting to a space, but they can also make a room look more sophisticated and put together. Hanging sconces above or at the sides of your bed help you save space on your nightstand for things you want to store there. The same principle applies to lighting hanged from the ceiling. They add style to a room without having to take up the limited floor area.  

Choose Lighter Colors for Your Palette  

white bed with tufted headboard
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Lighter colors on walls help a space appear bigger and more open. They reflect light better, which helps when there is a limited number of light sources. Darker colors make the walls appear closer to each other. They also do not reflect much light so the room appears more intense and can make you feel claustrophobic. Darker colors can also bring down your mood. 

Remember to make the most of what you have! Having a small space doesn’t mean that your home can’t be functional, comfortable or beautiful. You only have to find ways to enhance the good and minimize the bad. Apply these tips and you will be sure to love your space even more.  

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