Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

5 Unconventional Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

If you’re one of those people who can’t seem to keep their home as neat as they want, you would want every extra tool and hack at your disposal. Keeping your home clean does not only create an environment that is more pleasant but also one that is more conducive for productivity. Overall, keeping your house nice and clean is a great way to ensure that you are always in a good mood and able to concentrate on all the tasks you need to finish. Here are a few things you can do to give yourself an extra boost when it comes to maintaining orderliness at home.  

Tip #1: Don’t Let Things Pile Up  

kitchen sink with dirty dishes
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It is so tempting to leave things for later, especially when you’re simply not in the mood for cleaning. However, it’s always good to practice a bit of discipline by doing things immediately. Don’t set that empty glass down on your coffee table to clean up later. Get up and take it to your sink and wash is as soon as you’re done. 

Don’t leave that used t-shirt on an empty chain in your bedroom; take it straight to the hamper. Doing things immediately will help you avoid piling up housework. It would mean the end of big overwhelming cleaning jobs because you’re doing everything one small task at a time. Your future self will surely thank you for not leaving a mess for them to clean up.  

Tip #2: Invest in Uniform Containers  

 jars of spice labelled and lined up in a row on a shelf
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When designing a home, you pick out your color scheme at the initial stages of planning. You select a few shades that work well together in order for the design to look cohesive. You also pick only a select few kinds of finishings and materials that all fall under the same theme. This meticulousness in design should also carry over to the organization of your home. It looks so much cleaner and well thought out when your pantry, stock room, closets, et cetera have the same type of storage containers. Instead of random Tupperware and baskets, invest in containers that have the same color and are made of the same types of materials. Your whole home doesn’t have to follow the same theme but at least follow a theme per area of your home. Of course, the most important thing is still functionality. Pay attention to the quality of your containers. When it comes to food and cooking ingredients, ensure that everything is airtight to prevent ants and bugs to get into them and to prevent them from getting stale and inedible. This doesn’t only apply to the kitchen. You can also use this concept for your laundry room and bathrooms. Instead of having ugly bottles of shampoo clashing with your tiles and such, purchase dispensers or recycle glass bottles to transfer your liquids into. All you need are good pumps. Make sure to label everything to avoid confusion. Your home will look so much more polished and neater! 

Tip #3: Go for Washable Rugs  

colorful bohemian area rug with fringed edges
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Life is messy! We can’t help it sometimes and that’s okay. If you’ve ever experienced the misfortune of spilling something on your precious rug, you would know the inconvenience of having to have it professionally cleaned. Even worse, stains could render a rug entirely worthless. Incidents like these are precisely why you should invest in a machine-washable rug. Not only will the process of keeping your rug clean be so much easier, but you also get to live in your home without the being too cautious around your rugs. There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from that will be sure to fit your home’s particular interior design aesthetic. 

Tip #4: Make A Cleaning Checklist 

iPad with a weekly planner and an Apple Pencil
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Have you ever walked into a room and have a strange feeling that something doesn’t look quite right? Or, has your home ever been in such a state of disarray that you didn’t even know what you should tidy up first? Well, a checklist for cleaning might just be what you need to ensure that you know exactly what to prioritize. Make a checklist of things that need to get done daily, weekly, and monthly. For example, washing dishes and vacuuming are daily tasks. On the other hand, replacing beddings and doing laundry can be a weekly activity. Having a schedule for these tasks can help you ensure that they will always get done.  

Tip #5: Avoid Design Trends  

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It is hard to avoid not getting excited by a new design or fashion trend you saw on Instagram and Pinterest. There’s nothing wrong with mixing things up a bit in your home’s interior design or your wardrobe. However, you should be aware whether something you initially like is something that you will love long-term. Buying fast furniture and fast fashion is a good way to over-crowd your house. When you get tired of these trendy items, they end up in storage, taking up precious closet space. It’s a waste of your money and it’s a waste in general. Instead of following trends, try to figure out what your personal style is. What will you never get tired of? What can you use long-term? Aside from aesthetic, you should also take into account an item’s quality. Some cheap quality items might be affordable and that’s tempting. However, if it wears out easily, you will just have to buy a replacement and end up spending more money than what you would have had you just purchased a more expensive but higher quality item. Learn how to differentiate real style from trends and micro-trends. It will save you a lot of energy, frustration, and money. Avoiding these trends is a good way to make sure that your home only contains things that you will love forever. This will help prevent hoarding, so it will keep your home looking neat. 

Tip #6: Consider Your Home’s Air Quality  

many indoor plants and an oil diffuser
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Things might look good visually, but if you walk into a home that smells bad or smells a bit stale, “clean” wouldn’t be the first word you use to describe it. How good and clean your home smells can be just as important as how clean it looks. So, always be mindful of the scents in your home. The first, and most simple way to ensure that your home’s air quality is good is to make sure that it is well-ventilated. 

You can do this by simply cracking open some windows to let fresh air flow in and out of your home. You could also use an air purifier for a similar effect. Using a diffuser to let scents and essential oils float into the air can be so relaxing and can tremendously improve a home’s air quality. You may also try scented candles; the flames get rid of foul odors and the candles itself release pleasant smells. A natural way to improve a home’s air quality is through house plants. Not only do they convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, but they simply make a home look so put together and beautiful.  

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