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5 Super-Efficient Tips for Spring Cleaning

With coronavirus taking hold of our life routines and hygiene habits, it is now more than ever that we feel home bound and thus, more included in house chores such as cleaning or cooking. Learning the useful hints of a deep sterile has never been as pressing of a priority as it is now. This post which we have created for you will give you an idea of how to loosen up and turn spring cleaning to a less overwhelming activity. (Spoiler Alert: Are you for or against vinegar? You might want to go for after reading this post…)

Cleaning materials

1-) Plan out your cleaning cycle.

We all hate to clean but we all love the delightful satisfaction that comes with a clean house. The triumphal feeling after a deep clean which took hours is incalculable. So how do we fast forward or speed up to reach the end without having to go through the hassle? We are afraid that’s not possible. As far as modern world approves, we don’t have that kind of technology yet. We can, however, give you guidance on how to plan out your cleaning routine to make it a lot more bearable and practical for yourself.

Cleaning with a glove

Whether to vacuum first and dust next or dust first and vacuum after, is an eternal dilemma and we now have the definite answer! Dust first then vacuum because allergens or dust is constantly floating in the air so by dusting surfaces first, you will trap the particles. Dusting afterwards will cause the dust particles to drift in the air and sooner or later will end up on your surfaces forcing your next session to arrive earlier than you desire.

Another vital cycle rule which is misled by many is whether to clean the whole house at once or clean one room at a time. Make sure to clean the whole house at once rather than going to every room for every task again and again. Pick out certain task and apply it to every room and so on. This way you will have the chance to work more systematically and keep your cleaning materials in order. 

2-) Put that vinegar to good use.

Use vinegar and newspaper to clean your mirrors or glass surfaces as cloth wiping can cause streaks or smudges. Newspaper’s soft fibers make it fit for cleaning glass and mirrors and vinegar is a super healthy alternative to chemical detergents. Vinegar and newspaper aren’t only practical and easy to access but are also cheap!

Cleaning windows

3-) Sterile your sponge and cloths in heat.

To achieve a fully hygienic environment, make sure that the tools you are using are also clean. All you must do is to throw your sponge and cloths into the microwave for 30 seconds and letting the bacteria perish. If you don’t own a microwave, machine washing your cloths and washing your sponges in your dishwasher are also valid alternatives. Repeat this every time you clean to ensure that the buildup of unwanted bacteria is prevented.


4-) Free your coffee maker from the mineral build up.

Our coffee makers are one of the most used items in our kitchens and are usually neglected during cleaning sessions. It cooks something that interacts with our mouth and body daily and so we believe it deserves a shout out in our article. If your coffee maker is not cleaned, the brewing procedure will gum up leaving your coffee to be bitter and unpleasant. Make a mix from half water and half vinegar and fill the reservoir of your coffee maker with this mix. Begin brewing and stop halfway and let it sit for half an hour before completing the cycle. Finally, get to the rinsing by brewing a pot of clean water.

coffee pot

5-) The undeniable usability of baking soda.

You have most probably come across the utility of baking soda on the internet or in one of your chats with a neighbor or a colleague. Baking soda is a popular element in cleansing furniture or kitchenware because of its super absorbent feature which aids in removing unwanted or ever-present smells.

For the use of baking soda in the cleansing of your couches, remove all dirt and dust on the couch and sprinkle some baking soda on the area you wish to clean. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then vacuum up the baking soda off the couch. You can apply this method on all soft furnishing as well as carpets, curtains or pet beds.

baking soda

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