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5 Most Popular Cabinet Materials You Can Consider for Your Kitchen

It should be well understood that cabinets in a kitchen mean a lot more than just storage space. A well decorated kitchen deserves cabinets that will make it look like a million bucks. Playing great role as the central focal point in your home, your kitchen cabinets deserve some time and energy, maybe a little more than you anticipated. In this piece of ours, we focus on the material specifying for your cabinets, which is super crucial and – intimidatingly – even more important than aesthetics or functionality! 

Hardwood Kitchen


 Hardwood is undeniably the most durable material used in kitchen cabinets for decades. Few of the hardwood types like hickory or maple, will refuse denting and scratching. Contrarily, softwood kinds like walnut and mahogany will be slightly more exposed to scrapes.

Hardwood Example


 If you are in search of a sleek, warm kitchen appearance, cherry wood is a possible choice too. It has a tangled grain appearance which is also rich in color.

 There are other hardwood alternatives such as birch, beech, oak, spruce, and pine. As mentioned before, hardwood species are the most durable thus, making them the priciest.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

 Smoother than plywood, sturdy to cracking and peeling – which makes painting it a piece of cake! MDF is a composite material that is made of recycled wood fibers, wax and resin. All those materials are then pressed together and sealed in high pressure. Due to its smooth finishes, it reacts well to paint and stains. MDF is a choice that can suit most kitchen styles or tastes nicely.


Dark mdf kitchen


Being the most convenient material to be used in kitchens due to its affordability and quality range, plywood is created by laminating thin layers of wood on top of each other through a mix of glue, heat, and pressure, in alternating angles to create strength. There are certain categories of plywood as not all plywood are the same. Starting from grade AA, being the top standard, grade A is a tad cheaper than AA and the price decreases as the letters proceed as B, C, D, and E. Differing from hardwood, plywood withstands moisture, is easy to build in and is less costly. Plywood is also more stable when compared with MDF.  


Brpwn plywood kitchen

If you are not a fan of the wooden look, and rather have colors take control, we suggest that you opt for high quality materials because otherwise will leave you replacing your kitchen cabinets sooner than you think. 


Another name used for particleboard is low-density fiberboard (LDF) or chipboard. LDF is an engineered wood element created by pressing together recycled wood chips and sawmill shavings and composing them into sheets. Particleboard is sealed in with laminate or a wood veneer to give it a more aesthetically appealing finish. This material is the least firm out of all the elements listed because it is particles of wood holding onto each other with glue only. LDF is inexpensive but not long-lasting. It also does not respond well to moisture.


Particleboard kitchen


You can use laminate in your kitchen floors, counters, or cabinets and for a very budget-friendly price. According to Better Homes & Gardens, laminate cabinets are ‘’made of three resin-saturated layers: a base layer of paper, a printed and colored layer (which may look like wood), and a protective transparent layer.’’ These three layers are brought together to form a durable cabinet face option. For your laminate cabinets to be durable, make sure to select high- quality laminate rather than the cheap ones. High-quality laminate has the ability to stand up to cracks, chips or scuffs.

Laminate kitchen

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