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4 Steps to Achieve a Bohemian Style Home

4 Steps to Achieve of a Bohemian Style Home

The hard part about defining Bohemian style interior design is that its lack of rules is literally one of its main characteristics. But that’s what makes it such a fun and interesting aesthetic to look at. It’s even more fun to design. Basically, Boho decor needs four things. First, it needs to be colorful and feature a lot of patterns. Secondly, it can neither look overly polished, nor have that “manufactured” look many minimalist homes have. Third, layering and exploring textiles is a must. Lastly, more is better. It is not Bohemian if it’s not properly accessorized.

Cozy living room
  1. You’re going to need colors and patterns. And lots of it.

There is a misconception that Bohemian interior designs only feature whites, creams and browns. Though some may interpret it that way, the traditional version of this aesthetic doesn’t shy away from COLOR. Find out which colors you like and learn how to make color combinations because you’re going to need it. What’s often featured in these types of designs are deep and rich colors paired with bright and bold colors. Deluxe tones and jewel tones are perfect for making a home feel more bohemian. You can fill this requirement by adding a colorful traditional area rug paired with a couch in the same color as the rug’s detailing.
Once you know what color you want to work with, it’s time to incorporate PATTERN. It can be hard to match patterns to each other. After all, we were taught that different patterns clash with each other. But, when it comes to Bohemian decor, we embrace the clash. That being said, there is a way to ensure that your textiles looks good together. A basic style of combination is big print + small pattern + textured solid. Typically, you want prints and patterns that are more on the natural or organic side. These are patterns like floral, botanical, classical, Aztec, brush strokes, and other designs that don’t look too geometric. Textiles that are colorful, have funky patterns, and are textured are the most ideal. After all that, simply ensure that all your textiles fall under the same color scheme and you’re golden. However, don’t be afraid to break the rules when it comes to Bohemian decor.


Chair next to a flower

2. Tone it down with neutrals and distressed pieces

We love a thrifted look when it comes to Bohemian home decor. Take note, it does not actually have to be thrifted but that certainly is a plus. Your furniture pieces tell a better story if they look like they didn’t come from just another big home decor chain. Part of the charm of this style comes from the UNIQUENESS of each piece. Boho features a lot of crushed velvet, distressed wood, rattan, and macrame. Features like this tone down the bright colors you’re working with.
Even though the color palette is bold, Bohemian style rooms still embrace warm and earthy vibes. You can achieve this by adding elements of wood and neutral bases beneath the bold colors. For example, if you want a bright pink, purple, and blue duvet, pair it with a cream sheet peaking from underneath. Additionally, take note that your neutrals have to match each other as well. Stick to one shade of white or cream. For your woods, try to ensure all the finishings are similar.
As for the shapes and sizes of Boho furniture, they’re usually on the shorter side. Many Bohemian style homes have pillows scattered on the floors, but what makes it look even more authentic is having your furniture itself low-lying. A low-back couch partnered with colorful poufs placed around a distressed wooden coffee table would make a dream Boho living room.

3. Don’t be shy, put some more layers.

We’ve already talked about playing with colors and patterns, but now you have to layer them on top of each other. This applies to rugs, cushions, throws, and other textiles. There are many different ways to layer rugs and it is featured in Bohemian interior design, as well as farmhouse interior design. Layer two or three rugs on top of each other. Don’t overlap them too much that you can’t see the design on the one at the very bottom, but just enough to create a continuity between the patterns. Play with the positioning and try doing it diagonally. Try making an “S” shape and use the rugs to lead the eye to a focal point. It could be an accent chair, a table, or a piece of art. Just ensure you tell a story with your layering. Layering throw pillows make a space feel cozier and softer. Don’t be afraid of putting “too many” cushions in a single couch. In Boho, the more cushions, the better. Remember that Bohemian interior design isn’t anything like minimalism. It’s quite the opposite. You do not need the negative space.

Couch with flowers

4. When in doubt, accessorize

Boho is all about letting your personality shine through. However, it does not mean you have to fill your house with things just for the sake of it. This design style isn’t about stripping down your home until you are only left with the essentials. However, there is a difference between being a maximalist and being a hoarder. Put whatever you want on display; the bowl you got in Cambodia, that statue you found in Mexico, the orange candelabra you bought at a New York flea-market. Even if we’re talking about maximalism here, still take the time to curate your pieces. If you don’t like something, don’t put it on display. Ask yourself if it’s unique, if it’s pleasing to look at, and if it tells a good story. That’s how you know if something deserves your shelf space.

As for the walls, eclectic gallery walls are a boho staple. Remember that your gallery wall doesn’t just have to be framed pieces of photographs. You can have macrame tapestries, cuckoo clocks, fake taxidermy, and other funky things. A great way to fill an empty space on your wall is by hanging up a mirror. Typically, mirrors with golden or distressed frames fit the Bohemian aesthetic best. When planning your gallery wall, ensure you have a focal point, so it doesn’t look messy, but artsy.

Finally, you cannot have a Bohemian space without plants and other botanicals. It’s a great way to fill space on all surfaces, the ceiling, the walls, and the floors. What’s great is plants go with everything and you don’t have to consider your color palette. You can even incorporate more patterns, textures, and colors by choosing visually interesting planters. Just make sure the plants you incorporate into your space are the types that survive the amount of sunlight the relevant room is exposed to.

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